More about our founders

Brent and Carlos are DeFi veterans with over a decade of experience building crypto and consumer products.

Brent was previously the VP of engineering at Hashflow where he scaled trading volume from under $200M/yr to over $12B/yr. Carlos previously led Consumer Growth at LinkedIn Learning where he added over $14M in revenue in under two years.

Outside of their previous employment both Brent and Carlos have been building automated systems for personal DeFi investing for years, working on everything from arbitrage to MEV.

As the founders built more and more custom software to facilitate trading, they came to the realization that all of this software should be packaged together and made more accessible to a wider range of users. Ultimately this became Rainmaker.

Both can be found on Twitter (X):



If you need to contact Carlos directly please feel free to message him on Telegram @cstoneham.

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